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Heat Management

 The hotter an LED is allowed to get, the shorter its life will be. High power LEDs such as those found within ABC LEDS products could get very hot if there is no effective heat dissipation in place to manage this.

Left alone, this heat will lead to rapid degradation of the LED and failure. Therefore, in most cases, the LEDs are thermally bonded to a heatsink structure which draws heat away from the diode stabilising it at a nice cool temperature. ABC LEDS designs its heat sinks in-house so that it ensures our expected product lifespans will exceed 50,000 hours.

The performance of a heatsink's luminaire also enables a higher performance compared to LED bulbs. Due to its limited heat sink size, a 10W GU10 retrofit LED lamp will have a lower lumen output that a properly heat-sinked down light of the same power. The cooler LEDs run, the brighter they will be without failing prematurely.

ABC LEDS have an integrated solution to guarantee control of heat dissipation within our luminaires. The design of certain ranges such as our miniature bezel models requires bespoke designs to meet height and minimal width dimensions as well as performance.

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