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How to wire our down/up light

 Typically with our Zep3 or Zep6 range (10Watts down to 4Watts) the lights can be wired as 1 light to 1 driver.


In some instances though (and with the 1watt version), it will either be better or necessary to wire multiple lights to one driver.

In the case of our Zep3/Zep6 light range this must be done in series, as the lights are all constant current, example below.

How to wire an uplight or downlight

If the lights are accidently wired in parallel a few things are likely to happen;

1. (10W & 7W) the lights will be very dim as the current is being divided among all the lights wired to the driver, if there are lots of lights on the one driver they will not light at all as the current being received by each light is insufficient to power it, the lights may also be showing different brightness level depending on how far they are from driver.

2. (5W, 4W & 1W) the LEDs in the lights will blow as they are receiving too much voltage, typically the 1W to 5W models only require 3V to 4V each to run, therefore wiring them to a driver that can output anywhere between 20V to 405V (on some of the highest power drivers) will instantly blow the LED. Note. Lights blown by incorrectly wiring them up, is not cover by the warranty, and you will need to buy replacement lights.

Also remember to allow at least two minutes before connecting light's to a recently powered driver as its highest possible output voltage may be stored internally for some time and must be allowed to dissipate.

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